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I remember- Ch.1- I remember... :iconchocolatechip101:ChocolateChip101 2 7
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His Exception (Nellis Story)
Chapter 1
    Ellis woke up. Someone was touching him. He felt really sore and tired. He opened his eyes a tad and saw a man hovering
 over him with his hands in Ellis' pants pockets. "Ah!" Ellis exclaimed, shoving the man. "JESUS CHRIST!" The stranger yelled, punching Ellis in the face out of reflex. Ellis' face hit the carpet he was laying on, and his hand flew to his now aching face. 
"What the hell, man?" Ellis said, scooting away with his elbows, still laying on the floor. "You're.. You're alive? Are you bitten?" The man asked. Ellis looked at his attacker. "What in the hell are yew talkin' bout, 'bitten'? Bitten by what? And why did ya hit me?" Ellis asked, gently rubbing his cheek. "You know what I mean! Don't you?" The stranger replied. "Yeah, yeah I just wanted tah make sure yew knew what ya meant." Ellis said sarcastically. "Nah man, I have no idea what ya mean. And who are yew?" He added.
 "Shit, how long have you been
:iconmadhattermonster:MadHatterMonster 4 0
Nellis:Be My Escape
Throughout the journey from Savannah to New Orleans, Ellis never lost hope on finding his buddy Keith. If the half-burnt, scarred, shaggy hick lived through most of those stupid stunts, then there had to be a way for him to survive a zombie apocalypse.
Luckily for Ellis, he had come across other survivors that helped him trudge through the hotel, mall, sewer, carnival, swamp, sugar mill, then back through the city again. His new allies were certainly a unique group of people.
One being the team leader, Coach, he always had some sort of plan to get them out of whatever sticky mess they found themselves in.
Rochelle was at the wrong place at the wrong time sort of deal. She was a reporter getting information about the green flu, but boy was she in for a ride.
Nick was revealed to be a convict, who was probably in Savannah for illegal reasons, but nonetheless he was there alongside the group.
Ellis was born and raised in Savannah, like Coach. He had a pretty laid back life with sunday din
:icontouchmysitar:TouchMySitar 7 19
Mature content
Nellis - Part 3 (Re Write) :iconabikara:Abikara 6 2
My Number One: Part 2
"C'mon, c'mon, wake up!"
Ellis felt something on his face and he hit it away. He opened his eyes to see Nick rubbing his cheek. "Nick..." His throat hurt to speak.
"The one and only. Didn't I tell you to watch your back?" Nick said as he helped Ellis sit up. His gray eyes were filled with concern and eyebrows still pulled down.
Ellis looked up at Nick. " did you find me?" He noticed that they were inside a dry house with all the windows barricaded and doors covered.
"I heard that loud screech. I doubled back, having a feeling you went after me and saw you go down." Nick sat on a chair to the left of Ellis, watching his every move. "You were underwater when I got to you and I punched the hunter off you and sliced off its head with my knife."
"Gee, thanks! I don't remember that part though..." Ellis scratched his head in confusion. Where was his hat?
The thunder rumbled outside the house like a bowling ball rolling down the lane. "You were unconscious and I had to resuscitate
:iconsilverarian:SilverArian 9 2
L4D2 - Poltergeist
"Listen, Nick, we've been doing business together for a long time now, you and me. You know it hurts my heart deep to double cross a standup partner like you of all people." The heavy-set thug grinned widely at his captive, making it difficult to trust the sincerity of his words. "But the Boss wants things taken care of. And you know what the Boss is like. So I've got no choice. You understand what it's like, don't you? It's just business, nothing personal."
From his position in the middle of the room, Nick snarled a curse through the dirty rag currently serving as his gag. His hands were bound behind his back, and the noose was tight around his throat. His feet barely touched the stool which had been shoved underneath him to prolong his suffering. But then, they were partners, and he had always known Raymond to be a sadistic bastard. He just hadn't imagined when he had come to the usual spot for some poker that he would be greeted with a gun in his face rather than the usual sly grin.
:iconkaratekid369:karatekid369 17 16
Mature content
Join the Pack :iconcharturas:Charturas 10 6
MLP: Nick and Ellis by VanyCat MLP: Nick and Ellis :iconvanycat:VanyCat 136 31
My Number One: Part 1
Rain flooded over the gutters and created a waterfall over the window. Ellis stood watching it fill the yard with murky water. Infected crawled around, struggling against the weight of the water with grunts and groans.
"Boy, get away from that window before you get yanked out." Coach, a large black man, said as he reloaded his AK-47. He sat on what used to be a lounge chair putting the clip in and checking its aim. "We all need to stick together to survive."
Ellis obeyed the man and sat back down on the couch next to Rochelle. The former news reporter was curled up in a ball taking a nap before they left the safe house.
A creak came from upstairs. It was probably Nick, the silent man who accompanied them through hell and then some. He was a good aim with a sniper rifle and was probably upstairs sniping some of the infected in their path. In between safe houses, Ellis found himself gravitating towards Nick with a glimmer of hope they would strike up a conversation.
A lightning bolt illu
:iconsilverarian:SilverArian 8 5
YEA by MusicBox7 YEA :iconmusicbox7:MusicBox7 66 20 MAKE IT CLAP by MusicBox7 MAKE IT CLAP :iconmusicbox7:MusicBox7 56 12
Stolen Opportunities
“Ow! Goddamnit!”
“Oh, stop being such a baby, Ellis.”
“How ‘bout you ease up on the tough lovin’, huh?”
Nick, travelling card shark, one in a group of four survivors of some weird virus that broke out in Savannah and who were doing their best to get the hell out of dodge, and at the moment field medic to another of the same group, sat back and glared at their youngest member with a sigh. “It’s your own damned fault you got that little scratch—“
“Little scratch?”
“—you just had to go all Jackass on us and take a flying leap off of a building—“
“It was only one story, c’mon. How else were we supposed to get to the street?”
“Maybe the ladder the city so thoughtfully provided so we wouldn’t have to pretend we were drunken lemmings?”
“Ah, yeah… Didn’t see that.”
“It was three feet away from you!”
:icongreywriter:greywriter 7 2
We All Feel Pain
The hick ran on ahead laughing, swinging his baseball bat around like a 5-year old to beat back the undead. The other three weary survivors trudged on a bit behind him, shooting the occasional straggler that got past their lively partner's rain of death.
They had long since left the mall where their last hopes of finding CEDA was. They were currently in what appeared to have once been a lower-class neighborhood, trailer-like houses and rusty old fences dotting the area. Dead bodies lined the beaten-down roads like overgrown weeds, many of them being younger children and teenagers. Nick crinkled his nose in disgust at the sight, scoffing slightly. "I can practically smell the fried chicken and poverty from here." He said with spite, earning himself a glare from Rochelle up ahead.
"I know we've been killing zombies for a while, and it doesn't bother me anymore, but still.. It kind of hurts seeing all these dead kids.." Rochelle murmured mournfully, looking at the small bodies with a stri
:iconkayyvenom:KayyVenom 20 24
Nellis Fic -Part One-
A scowl was becoming permanently etched into Nick's features as he flicked yet another bit of stale popcorn off the bottom of his shoe, watching the squashed yellow fluff shoot in the other direction and fall to the damp gray pavement. The smell of weeks-old cotton candy and the overcast sky, coupled with Ellis' constant excitement about the Midnight Riders posters was giving Nick and unbearable headache. He leaned back against the rough metal wall of the 4-H goat barn, rubbing at his temples, closing his eyes.
Somebody tossed a bottle onto his lap. It rattled, rolling down his leg just before he could sit up and catch it. He trapped it under his foot and looked up, quirking a brow at Rochelle.
"Pills," she explained, not waiting for him to nod in gratitude before turning away and running back to the others.
Nick sighed, leaning down to grab the painkillers. He tossed back two, then frowned at the bottle's instructions. He shrugged. One more. Maybe two.
He did have to deal with Ellis,
:iconwylderwolf:WylderWolf 9 34
As Luck Would Have Nick [NELLIS - L4D2 FanFic]
“Get your ass in here!” The conman ordered, his tired eyes darting around in the dim light, searching for the young hick. They had stumbled into a warehouse, on the outskirts of the city after trailing the remains of an evacuation program. But as the older man had predicted, the evacuation was still a distant dream. “God dammit Ellis, hurry it up!” The two men had been running all over the city since dawn, unable to find a safe place to rest. It seemed each time they let their guards down, another wave of the infected came charging at them from every direction. In fact, Nick counted himself lucky to have found a room in the back corner of the warehouse that he could board up as a safe room. He didn’t know how much longer he would be able to stay awake, let alone defend himself.
“Nick…I could…use some help here…” The southerner’s voice rang from a distance, echoing around the tall walls of the warehouse. Nick rolled hi
:iconmittensandpoppy:mittensandpoppy 33 24
Nellis Post-apocalyptic Bedroom Adventures 01 by MidoriEyes Nellis Post-apocalyptic Bedroom Adventures 01 :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 150 19 Nellis - Disheveled Devils by MidoriEyes Nellis - Disheveled Devils :iconmidorieyes:MidoriEyes 53 14



 Hi, I know I have very few people who see this but I'm currently working on chapter 2 to I remember and also a new fanfict titled The Plague to probably look forward to if you even care really. Though they won't be finished anytime soon probably since schools gonna start up soon just be watching out for them. MKBAI.


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